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Flying to Turkey with a budget airline from Europe

Over the last decade Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination for European tourists. This is probably due increasing media coverage surrounding Turkey, paired with how inexpensive it can be to fly with budget airline flights.
The three major airports in Turkey are; Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul. They have a variety of budget airlines that fly there on a daily basis. This makes it easier for people all over Europe to get to the major Turkish destinations.

How Much Will It Cost To Fly With A Budget Airline From Major European Cities?

All major European airports now have frequent flights to the major Turkish airports. You should not pay anything more than €280 (round trip) for your flights to Turkey. For example, from London Gatwick to Antalya in May you will pay around €180 with a budget airline flight.

Why Choose Budget Airline Flights to Turkey?

Flying with a budget airline to almost any European destination is a no brainer. All inter European flights are short haul (usually five hours or less); therefore, how much 'luxury' do you require. Of course, there are higher priced airlines that fly both too and from Turkey, but the differences between the two in terms of flight quality is minimal. In reality, all you are doing is saving yourself money by flying with a budget airline to Turkey.

Budget Airline Routes

To find the best deals online, you need to find what airlines fly to and from the major Turkish airports. To do this you can use a website like Low Cost Airline Guide to find these airlines, and then check around each of the budget airlines for a quote.

Which Airport Should I Choose?

  • Antalya – This airport is just ten miles from the town of Antalya. You can get almost anywhere by bus from Antalya, as busses run all the time to various parts of the country, and not only are they inexpensive, they can resemble a business class flight. While busses may be the norm in Antalya, trains are not. The closest train to Antalya airport is about 80 miles from the airport. Car hire in Antalya is decent as well, when arriving at the airport you can go directly to the bus terminal or airport centre to get a good priced hire car.

What Is Around Antalya – Kaleici is a wonderful place close to Antalya enclosed in ancient c

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ity walls. There are also great museums and historical buildings around.

  • Bodrum – The airport is 20 miles away from the town of Bodrum, however, there are frequent shuttle services running from the airport to the town. The shuttle service takes around 40 minutes and costs about €10 per person. You can travel to the Greek Islands (Cos and Rhodes) from Bodrum by boat, this is a popular choice for people that want to spend time in both Turkey and Greece. There are also plenty of bus services that run from Bodrum to all the major Turkish cities, however, be sure to check how long these busses take, Bodrum to Istanbul takes around 11 hours. There are plenty of places you can hire your car from, but it is recommended that you use a Dolmus (shared taxi), which is cheaper and safer.

What Is Around Bodrum – Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Amphitheatre, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Myndos Gate.

  • Istanbul – This airport is around 12 miles from the city centre of Istanbul. To get into the centre from the airport you can take a taxi (roughly €15), a bus (roughly €6) or the metro (roughly €2). You should beware, at the airport, there are plenty of people that will want you to travel by bus (costing in excess of €15), as these people work on commission. Istanbul is one of the only major cities in Turkey where you can get access to a good train service. Istanbul is also one of the only places where international trains from places like Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Greece dock. A word to the wise, traffic can be a nightmare in and around Istanbul, so car hire is not recommended, if you do decide to get a car, then there are places you can hire your car at the airport.

What Is Around Istanbul – Istanbul is the capital of Turkey so there are plenty of things you can do in Istanbul. Some of the most popular places to visit are: The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and the Basilica Cistern. If you have time check out the Military Museum and the Istanbul Modern for great history and art features respectively.

Without a doubt, the major Turkish airports have improved their transport facilities in the last decade. As you can see from the above, flying with a budget airline to Turkey can be relatively inexpensive, and if you find the right method of transport, you can get to where you want for a great price as well.