Low Cost Car Hire in Turkey

Low Cost Car Hire in Turkey

Turkey is an exotic blend of smells, tastes, culture, and music, and offers the ideal place to be explored by car. Low cost car hire in Turkey is great for regional travel with amazing cheap deals available most times during the year. Find out more about how you can enjoy Turkey by car and get the cheapest car hire rates available.

St Sophia Church – Istanbul

One of the top attractions in Turkey is the St Sophia Church Museum in Istanbul, a remarkable showcase of Byzantine art and reportedly built by Justinian in the 6th century AD as a Greek Orthodox Church. Haghia Sophia Church, as it is also known, was the largest church in the World in its day and was converted to a Mosque in 1453 after the Ottoman take over. Beyond its awe inspiring exterior are gorgeous Byzantine mosaics decorating the inner walls.

Blue Mosque – 13 min drive from Taksim Square

The Blue Mosque is another top attraction in Istanbul, Turkey. It was built by Sultan Ahmet Camii and reported to be among the most beautiful mosques in the world after having being designed to represent the beauty of Islam. Named after the blue Iznik tiles decorating the interior walls the mosque enjoys an abundance of natural light through the 260 windows it has. Driving to the Blue Mosque takes around 15 minutes from Taksim Square and around 7 km.

Ephesus Ancient City

The ancient city of Ephesus is fairly intact as far as ancient cities go and once housed the Temple of Artemis which was considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World during its day. Housing up to 250,000 people and dating back as far as the 12 century BC Ephesis is steeped in glorious history, battles and occupations. It is reported that as much as 20% of the ancient city has been excavated and it features a Brothel, Great Theatre, Odeon, Celsius Library, Blue Marble Street and Commercial Agora amongst other attractions. The excavated Ephesus is located in Selcuk, Western Turkey and is just a 5km drive away from Pamucak Peach and 19 km from Kusadasi.

Driving in Turkey

Once you’ve found the cheapest car hire possible for your driving tour you’ll need to know a little about driving in Turkey. Firstly, you’ll be happy to know that most driving licences are accepted in Turkey although if you are from one the least popular origins you may need to get an International Driving permit before travel. Be aware oif the fact that lane markings on the roads are not religiously followed and many drivers in Turkey have a tendency to drift between them. Having said this, Turkish drivers are often polite and aware of other road users. Police checks are normal on long routes and your driving licence and vehicle details will need to be checked although larger, older and commercial vehicles are more likely to be pulled over.

How can I Find the Cheapest Car Hire in Turkey?

This is a good question. In response, we can only advise that you compare as many of the reputable low cost car hire companies that offer services in turkey and you may use the low cost car hire comparison services available through this web site for free. Once you know that you are comparing prices between the best car hire firms you can concentrate on price.