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Visit Turkey and Discover the Unusual

Turkey has become a favourite spot for those wishing to visit sites that date back to the Greeks, the Romans and the early Christians. The rich, colourful heritage of this country and its friendly people offer something of interest for sight-seers from around the world. Here are 10 unusual places we recommend to visit.

While Istanbul is an obvious and well-known destination for many, there is so much more to see and savour here. Stay in a lavish Turkish villa or one of the luxurious Turkish apartments or choose from one of the more unusual accommodations for a one-of-a-kind experience. While you’re in Turkey, don’t miss the following unique places to visit:

1. Adventure Forest, Antalya

Opened in 2009 the Adventure Forest is a high ropes adventure course located not far from Antalya. You will need climbing ropes, harnesses and helmets as well as courage, stamina and determination as you swing high above the forest.

2. Antakya

This regional museum can give you a better picture of the area and its culture. The atmosphere here is definitely provides a more Middle-Eastern type of feeling. What’s unusual about Antakya? The cuisine here is unique and so flavourful. Be sure to schedule enough time to sample it.

3. Bergama

Located in Aegean Turkey this town is the original site of the Pergamum of the Bible. If you’re up for the walk, there are numerous ruins from the Greek and Roman periods of occupancy. That pile of bricks by the side of the road is really a red basilica and houses a mosque today. Take a cable car to the top of the acropolis.

4. Carpetium Carpet Manufacturing in Selcuk

Turkey is known as the carpet capital of the world, and everyone knows how expensive Turkish carpets can be. Visit a carpet factory for yourself and see the process firsthand. You’ll even have the opportunity to buy your own and have it shipped to your home address.


Carket making process, Turkey

5. Gallipoli

This might seem like a strange place to stop unless you value war memorials. The battles fought here in World War I resulted in the loss of life of thousands. Today there are 22 historical sites. Thirty-one cemeteries hold more than 22,000 graves. Expect an unusual and sobering experience.

6. Pamukkale

Located in the Denizli province, the “Cotton Castle” is a collection of other-worldly, terraced pools and shelves decorated in permanent white stone coverings. Sitting in the hot, healing springs located here will be a novel and maybe even beneficial activity.

Hot Springs of Pamukkale

Hot Springs of Pamukkale, Turkey

7. Saklikent Gorge

This is the deepest and longest gorge in the entire country. It is so deep that the sun never reaches the brook that flows through its bottom. For a more unusual experience, follow the bridge to the icy water, wade in and across and explore much deeper into the length of the canyon. Consider sleeping in a “tree house” overnight.

8. Sea Kayaking in Kekova

Visit the island of Kekova, bit with a difference get there by sea kayak! Kekova was once joined to the mainland but earthquakes caused the land to slip six metres below the sea. So as you kayak you will be above ancient ruins. The island is best for a day trip. Locally though you can also visit the ancient towns of Simena, Teimussa and Tersane.

9. Troy

Until it was unearthed in 1873, historians really doubted the authenticity of this famous city. The ruins are estimated to be 4,000 years old. Today, a Trojan horse replica straddles the ruins to remind visitors of tragic days long ago.

10. Uzuncaburc

Not only is the road to this Greek-era ruins scenic, but the large mausoleums are also impressive. Step back in time as you inspect the remains of the original temple, market gate, acropolis and amphitheatre.

Turkey is a fascinating country to explore. Plan enough time to see its many different faces, both old and new. Enjoy modern Turkish apartments or book an incredible Turkish villa or try a cave hotel or tree house accommodations. The unusual is waiting for you in Turkey.

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