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Fishing villages and white sand beaches: coastal holidays in Turkey

If you’ve ever tried to imagine a middle ground between Europe and Asia, then you will find Turkey is a very enticing and intriguing place to visit. Not only does this country stretch across both continents, but it also has a rather unique mixture of customs and traditions… not to mention it features a vast richness in terms of natural landscapes and wondrous sights.
For anyone who would like to visit some of the most immaculate white sand beaches in the world, coastal holidays in Turkey is among the most recommendable options. If you’re not aware of everything Turkey has to offer, this guide will help you get the most enjoyment out of your travelling.

Experience the unique Turkish white sand beaches

The white sand beaches available in Turkey are famous throughout the world, and they are indeed quite lovely natural scenes which truly bedazzle all visitors. With over five thousand miles of coastline and more than three hundred blue flag beaches, you will have no trouble whatsoever finding a perfect idyllic spot for your vacations.
From the Aegean coast to the Mediterranean coast, including of course the Turkish Riviera, you’ll be treated with gorgeous marine landscapes, some of which have been recognized as the top beaches in the world. If you’re looking for the best known Turkish beaches, you may want to visit Olimpos, Side and Kemer (all within 1-2 hour car drive from Antalya); and Calis, Patara and Oludeniz (at driving distance from Fethiye).
When it comes to coastal holidays, Turke

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y has indeed much to offer. Regardless of whether you’re looking for places of high tourist activity best suited for a family vacation or secluded places for a romantic escapade, you can find both things in Turkey: sometimes at a surprising close range from one another.

Fishing villages, the less traveled destinations

If you prefer quiet locations and you want to stay away from the so-called “tourist traps”, then you should experience the quiet fishing villages available mostly on the southern coast as well as the Black Sea coast.
The best fishing villages aren’t usually advertised as mainstream tourist locales (which is good, since otherwise they wouldn’t be so quiet), but they offer a unique chance to get in touch with the local culture, oftentimes at significantly lower prices than the main tourist hubs. Finding a quiet vacationing spot in a fishing village doesn’t usually imply travelling to remote areas; quite often, you’ll be surprised with the perfectly peaceful places you’ll find in close vicinity from the busiest beaches, simply by asking the locals.
This is doubtlessly the best way to find a good secluded beach in Turkey: through word of mouth. The local people are very friendly, and they will gladly help you find an inexpensive cottage for rent in a nearby fishing village, if you ask them about it. For anyone who wishes to get immersed in the local culture, interacting with locals and staying off the beaten path is a delightful way to experience all the charms that Turkey has to offer.