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A Guide to Walking Holidays in Turkey

Turkey is a magnificent country, where the west meets the east. It has a fascinating heritage and rich culture and combined with its fabulous cuisine, a walking holiday in Turkey will make for an unforgettable experience.

With its staggering size, the country of Turkey offers a heck of a lot in terms of things to see and do, and choosing a route for a walking holiday can be quite difficult, as there are so many options.

This guide will look at three popular options for a walking holiday.


Cappadocia is a one-of-a-kind place, filled with interesting rock formations and unique landscapes. These lunar landscapes, bathed in sunlight make for a brilliant route for a walking holiday.

Some of the fascinating rock formations littering the Cappadocian landscape.

Some of the fascinating rock formations littering the Cappadocian landscape.

Walking through fascinating and other-worldly volcanic rock formations is interesting enough, but considering many of these rocks and caverns have been lived in over the ages adds a whole new level of intrigue. During your walk you will see traces of homes and dwellings; these cavernous homes and underground cities are a sight to see. In between these historic relics, are traditional villages and rural settlements, with quaint, rustic charm, letting you experience the living culture of the area.

The Lycian Way

The turquoise coast is a part of Turkey that holds breath-taking natural beauty combined with spellbinding historical sites that serve as a window into the past. With the Taurus Mountains rising behind the shimmering sea, they provide the perfect backdrop to a walk along this Mediterranean coastline.

Along the way you are likely to see pine forests, scenic inlets and beautiful sandy beaches. Yet also you will encounter numerous traditional fishing villages, each with their own unique brand of endearing charm. Indeed in many of these villages can be found very welcoming guest-houses which showcase the best in friendly Turkish hospitality.

Alongside these more lively cultures, you will be able to see the remnants of times gone by in the various archaeological treasures which can be explored along the route. You’re likely to see relics from the civilisations of Alexander the Great, Crusaders, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and the Genoese. And all of this can done in almost guaranteed sunshine.


Considered the cultural heart of turkey, the large city of Istanbul is filled with intrigue and interest. One of the best ways to get to know this area is through a walking holiday. The best way to experience Istanbul in a walking holiday is with a local guide, who will be an enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable native who will know the city inside out and back to front. They can take you round museums, palaces, famous mosques, but will also be able to share some of the secret delights only a local would know.

A walking holiday through Istanbul with a guide will introduce you to some of the most famous sights to be found in the city. Although each guided walk can be tailor-made and features different attractions, some of the main sights to see include the Hagia Sophia, German Fountain, Hippodrom, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Yedikule Fortress and the Grand Bazaar.

The impressive Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

The impressive Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

A walking holiday in Istanbul can keep you active and allow you to see a plethora of different sights every day, while maintaining a constant base at a hotel in the city. This way you get all the fun of a walking holiday, without the hassle of changing accommodation.


Whether you go with a guide or opt for a self-guided hike, a walking holiday in Turkey promises to be a brilliant experience. The choice is yours as to which destination you would find most appealing, but rest assured that with each option there would be truly memorable points along the trail and any route would make for an enjoyable holiday.

Article by Rob Holman

Image Credits: Wikipedia, and Wikipedia