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A Guide to Camping Holidays in Turkey

Part of both Europe and Asia, Turkey is a country unlike any other and boasts its own unique culture and history. Full of ancient sights, this location is known for its intriguing sense of character. Its surroundings waters, from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, also make it the ideal destination for those looking for a relaxing break. Whether you are looking to explore or unwind, Turkey's many campsites offer the perfect holiday. Here is a guide to camping in this mesmerising country.

Oludeniz Campsite

Located on the village's secluded sandy shores, this campsite offers visitors an array of  idyllic sights. Meaning 'Blue Lagoon' Oludeniz is a prime spot for camping and it is no surprise why; famous for its clear turquoise sea, this small village boasts some of the best beaches in Turkey. Those wanting a relaxing getaway, will find Oludeniz campsite is the perfect place to stay. With hiking trails such as the long and challenging Lycian Way, which takes tourists to the picturesque ancient city of Olympos, there is much activity to be had and many eye-catching sights to witness.

Known for its stunning waters, Oludeniz is a great place to camp.

Known for its stunning waters, Oludeniz is a great place to camp.

Those wanting a change from traditional camping can stay in one of the campsite's 35 bungalows. Each bungalow features its own big bathroom and offers the luxury of air con; a welcomed extra whilst amongst Turkey's hot, Mediterranean climate. With a restaurant and bar on-site, campers can treat themselves to a cold beer and delicious meal after an hard day of hiking. 

Boncuk Koyu Campsite

Situated along the country's stunning Aegean coastline, this campsite is open to both tents and caravans. With its own private beach, campers can awake to the sound of rolling waves and simply stroll down to the ocean and enjoy a dip in the peaceful sea. Claiming a name for itself as one of Turkey's top 100 natural paradises, the campsite's secluded beach is guaranteed to impress guests. With a shop and restaurant on-site, campers will find everything they need to enjoy a beautiful stay at this superb campsite. 

Osay Campsite

Located in Kizilot, Osay campsite is a place packed with adventure. In close proximity to Turkey's sun-kissed coastline, visitors can take part in exciting watersports such as snorkelling and windsurfing. When away from the water, campers can enjoy a delightful meal on-site or surf the internet and send messages back home. A campsite that welcomes dogs, animal lovers will also be at home at Osay Campsite.

Istanbul Mocamp

Those hoping to be close to Turkey's largest and most fascinating city, will find Istanbul Mocamp the place to be. Only half an hour away from the heart of the city, visitors wanting to see Istanbul's enchanting, historic sights will be able to easily to do so. From witnessing the spectacular Topkapi Palace and its captivating courtyards to visiting the city's unique Blue Mosque, Istanbul is full of impressive sights waiting to be discovered. Only 5km away from the beach, campers planning on relaxing and re-energising can also do so on the area's wonderful white sands.

The Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul's many captivating sights worth seeing.

The Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul's many captivating sights worth seeing.

Whether visitors want to stay in their own personal trailers or plan to camp in a caravan, this campsite is open to all. Its spacious green grounds are ideal for campfires and family games, and offer visitors beautiful surroundings. With a recreational centre close by and an information desk on-site, campers will never run of fun-filled things to do.


Visitors looking for a relaxing and adventurous holiday will find Turkey offers it all. From enjoying Istanbul's historic sights whilst staying at Istanbul Mocamp, to enjoying a luxurious stay at Boncuk Koyu campsite, there are many great places to choose between. A destination full of fun, Turkey is a camper's dream location.

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By Maria Hubbard who advises to visit the Outdoor World Direct camping store before your break to Turkey.

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