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5 Reasons to Pick Turkey for Your Next Holiday

Choosing your summer holiday destination can be difficult. Maybe not difficult in the way that running a marathon or working a 60-hour week is difficult, but when you’ve got the whole world to choose from, it can be tricky none-the-less.

Should you take the family to Florida? Go camping in France or blow the budget and head to Thailand? Do you want guaranteed heat, great food or exotic scenery? Well, how about having all three?

For those that want it all this summer, why not consider Turkey? The home of culture, full of tasty nibbles and with more sun than you can shake a stick at, here are five reasons that you should pick Turkey for your next holiday. 

1. The weather

A bit of sunshine is all most of us ask for from our summer holidays. A break from the continuous drizzle and grey skies of home and a chance to get a bit of vitamin D flowing round our bodies. And when it comes to weather, Turkey has a lot to boast about.

Following a short spring, summer begin in earnest in May. Temperatures shoot up and most of the country sees clear blue skies almost permanently until October.

Due to the size of the country – over 300,000 square miles – temperatures can vary a great deal. With harsh winters common on some interior plateaus and in the mountains. But along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, summers are long and hot and winters mild.

Thanks to its proximity to the sea, and to the winds that blow from the south, in Turkey, unlike other Mediterranean regions, you do have some relief from the heat. The winds keep the temperature at a comfortable level throughout the summer, so you don’t have to worry about wilting in the heat.

2. The food

If it wasn’t for our love of sunshine, food may well come at the top of the list. Popularized throughout the world, Turkish cuisine is famous for its spices, freshness and variety. Full of salads, pulses and dips, the cuisine is great for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Turkey is heaven. Bakeries and sweetshops adorn every street, selling an inviting array of sugary treats. Turkish people love their puddings, so get into the local spirit and pick up some honey-soaked baklava or spiced Turkish delight.

Turkish food is varied and plentiful

Turkish food is varied and plentiful

One of Turkey’s most famous culinary exports is the kebab. However the kebabs you’ll see in Turkey bear only a vague resemblance to the late night fare enjoyed by thousands in many countries.

Instead you’ll have a variety of m

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eats, delicately flavoured with spices and grilled over an open flame. For a real treat head down to the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul and pick up a fish kebab. It’s so good it’s almost worth making a special trip Turkey for.

3. The culture

From the ancient city of Troy to the Persian Empire and the Ottomans, Turkey has long been a world force when it comes to history and culture.

Istanbul is packed with museums and mosques just waiting to be explored, and all along the coastal regions the ruins of ancient towns and temples make perfect destinations for a day away from the beach.

If you do visit Turkey, you’ll also get to experience the wonderful culture of hospitality of the Turkish people. This is even more evident away from the large cities and tourist hotspots, and will leave you feeling very humble, but very welcome.

4. The weather

We may have mentioned this already, but it really it that good. Hot enough to for you to get that longed-for tan, but not too hot to stop you from being active and doing some exploring.

The Mediterranean region receives a miniscule amount of rain during the summer months, so the only water you’ll have to worry about is in the hotel pool.

5. The scenery

With mile upon mile of coastline, ranging between long sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and hidden coves, the Turkish scenery is truly breath taking.

Inland, areas such as Mount Ararat and Cappadocia, with its cave houses and fairy-like stone towers, make for fantastic day trips, and will really bring home the natural wonder of the country.

At Pamukkale, the landscape is covered with salt and interspersed with hot springs. The dramatic formations and whiteness of the dried salt, gives the impression of a frozen, artic landscape. An amazing site to see in the middle of a Mediterranean summer.

The saltpans of Pamukkale look arctic, even in the middle of summer

The saltpans of Pamukkale look arctic, even in the middle of summer

Well, there you have, five very good reasons for pick Turkey for you next holiday and we haven’t even started on the markets, the affordability or the carpets.

You’ll just have to go and have a look for yourself to see what else Turkey has to offer, but we can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

 Picture credits: Wikipedia 1 & 2